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I’m so uncool

Children of Men movie imageOne of the great advantages of having an uncommon surname is that it's pretty simple to promote yourself.

I've been blogging for seven months now, and I own all but two of the first 20 Google search results for "Gorbould".

Yay me. But now I've discovered there's someone with almost my name, who is way, way cooler than I'll ever be. In fact, Paul Corbould is living the life of my dreams.

Turns out that Paul Corbould is the special effects supervisor for the film Children of Men, as well as just about everything else that is awesome about Hollywood [hat tip to Sue, who highly recommends the movie.] Corbould also did V for Vendetta, King Arthur, Saving Private Ryan, and Amadeus. (Well... he also did a Superman movie, but it was the dreaded #3. Making Richard Pryor fly isn't nearly as cool as doing General Zod's laser eyes!)

And it's not just Paul... Corbould's whole family is cooler than mine. His brothers both do SFX too: Chris Corbould does all the Bond flicks, and Neil Corbould won an Oscar for Gladiator.

Ebenezer Gorbould

I suppose I can take some consolation in the fact that some genealogy sites say that Gorbould (and Gorbold) are related to Corbould.

Records of that name dates back to 1395 in Suffolk, England. Best I can find of Gorbould is bloke named Ebenezer, who ran a pub in Roydon.

And I thought I was uncool.

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  1. You wish you could run a pub in Roydon.

  2. Yes I do, come to think of it.

    Sigh. I’m the worst _orbould ever.

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