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First I was Ninja'd, now Starred. Saturday's Toronto Star ran a piece on the Bookninja "book covers revisited" contest, and wouldn't you know it, my Handmaid's Tale (tail?) copy was pictured first.

Toronto Star item on Bookninja contest

I created four entries, but that one was the least clever yet most racy image - somehow I knew it'd be the one with legs, so to speak. Sex sells, still.

For those of you wondering, the French maid pictured there is not, in fact, my good lady wife. No, I just snagged it from a Halloween costume website - very likely breaking someone's copyright, although there may be some defence in altering it. And heck, I doubt the Barney's Version guy got permission from Hanna Barbera. Hopefully the Star won't object to my screengrab, as they didn't include the story in their online Ideas section.

Can't wait to see who wins....

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  1. Well, I’m not surprised either that that one was the one they’d print.
    But, for the record, sex doesn’t necessarily sell:
    Sex Doesn’t Sell

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